ISE70G, Digital High Pressure Sensor, 3 Screen 2 Output, IP67 with IO Link

The ISE70G pressure sensors provide continuous quantitative values, as well as switched digital outputs when pressure set points are met.  Compatible fluids include any non-corrosive liquid or gas.  6 pressure ranges are offered up to 50 MPa.  This sensor is also IO-Link compatible.  Sensor information, such as identity, functional state, cable connection, and current or switch values can be set or monitored remotely through an IO-Link master, and connected to a fieldbus network.  The ISE70G series is designed for abusive environments that may also include splashed coolant, lubricants, or grime.  Electronics are packaged in a metal housing, while the piping connection is a stout lug with female threads, which together protect the sensor against accidental collisions with other objects in the area.  A smooth display face with membrane type buttons avoids contamination from grit and sticky residue that could clog or jam raised rubber buttons.  The display is angled and can rotate 336 degrees, to permit easy reading when indirectly mounted.  The main screen shows instantaneous values in red or green, while the sub screen settings appear in orange.  Switch indicators will also light when set points are reached.

  • Pressure ranges: 1, 2, 5, 10, 16 and 50 MPa
  • 3-screen, 3-color display with switch indicators
  • 4-pin M12 connector
  • IP67 Ingress Protection rating
  • 1/4 Rc, NPT, or G port
  • 2 digital switch outputs with selectable NPN/PNP
  • UL/CE/RoHS standards
ISE70G, Digital High Pressure Sensor, 3 Screen 2 Output, IP67 with IO Link
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